Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We Three Kings - Let's Talk Style

Good Morning, ladies!
How are you on this wintery day?
Brrr! It's cold out there! But at least it didn't snow more
last night.There's still plenty on the ground from yesterday.
And oh, geez. My van just got plowed in by two snow plows!
Guess I'm going to need to leave for work earlier than I thought.

Well, before I go, let me share this card with you.

I'm not sure about this one. It's definitely my least favorite of the
Christmas cards I've made so far. I don't know what about it
exactly I don't like, I just know it's not really my "style."
After nearly a year of cardmaking, I'm beginning to see that
I definitely do have a style. And while I can truly appreciate the
beauty of shabby vintage, or clean and graphic,
or classy and elegant, and maybe even try my hand at them
from time to time, what really gets me excited and chomping
at the bit to get to my craft table, are fun and cute cards.
Whimsical creatures, punny sayings, -- that's me.

What do you think? Do you have a particular style,
or do you hop from one to the next, creatively?

cardstock: Hollo's Papercraft
paper: My Mind's Eye Noel Specialty Paper Pack
stamp: Inkadinkado
ink: Ranger Distress in Antique Linen and Tea Dye, Versamark
embossing powder: Zing Metalic Gold


  1. I THINK IT'S COOL! I love the music notes (cant go wrong with them on your cards) and the wise men are awesome!

    I think, sometimes you have to branch away from your style - it helps fuel your creativity!! Mine is (i think) clean, simple & fun... but I, honestly, hate classifying myself. Seems like I dont want to be put in a "box". But I do like to play around with other styles, but... when I do I feel like you do about this project...just not quite, exactly, me. but this is a cute card - be proud!!

  2. I think it is pretty, love the gold embossing and the music, very Christmas. Lovely card.

  3. Well, I think it's simply gorgeous!!! You created the perfect traditional Xmas card. And with the gold embossing and the music notes....very, very classy! sure, it is different than what I normally see on your blog....but, it's a gooooood different! Refreshing and just showcase what a versatile card maker you are!

  4. I like the traditional look of it and the music notes are great! It's good to feel like you have a "style" but also push yourself creatively sometimes.

  5. Beautiful! I love how you used the music notes and the holly along with the wise men.

  6. ohhhhh hey - I love that! You may not like it but I sure do. It's definitely my style. You can send it to me~ LOL just kidding.

  7. This is a great card, Christiana! I totally agree with what Heather said -- that sometimes branching off from our 'usual' can help fuel our creativity! I feel most at home making fun & cute cards, and those are the cards I'm happiest to make, but I'll sometimes 'dabble' in other styles. When I do make cards in other styles, I don't always feel like the cards are exactly 'me' -- I don't get the same feeling as I do with the fun & cute, you know? -- but it's nice to push our creativity and mix things up when we feel like it! :o)

  8. I know exactly what u mean. I too made a card that is not my style at all. I didn't like it but posted it anyway. It is challenging to stretch outside the comfort zone but nothing us wrong with liking what we like. While it may not be your style, your card is beautiful. Lots of detail. Very vintage looking.


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