Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sweet Chocolates

For today's craft, I thought I'd try out one of my new stamps from the Hero Arts "What's the Scoop?" set that arrived yesterday. I was really digging that yummy-looking box of chocolates, so I thought I'd pair that with chocolate card stock, and some pretty pink paper sprinkled with polka dots that I'd picked up in a little pack from one of the $1 bins at Target. I stamped the box of chocolates twice, in pink and brown, then cut out just the chocolates and popped them off the card with dimentionals. Added a bit of ribbon and punched out the "sweet" from the "I'm sweet on you" stamp for a sentiment. A little faux stitching in white gel pen and it was complete. I say that as if it were that simple, but it actually took over two hours of hemming and hawing and second-guessing every decision. But I think it came together nicely in the end.

There's a few minor errors -- I got a little tear in the pink paper near the right bottom corner while trying to reposition on the card stock. I decided to leave it and just cover it up with ribbon, but being new to this, I didn't realize that would make the card open wrong. Oh well. Live and learn. The faux stitching also went a little farther off the right side than the left. I can't draw a straight line to save my life! And, I wasn't thrilled with the effects of my colored pencils. (That box is colored pink, by the way, I don't know if that showed up in the pics.) But you get what you pay for. These were just a cheap 12 pack I skiffed from the kids leftover school supplies. A nice set of Prismacolor pencils is on my ever growing list of supplies to invest in as I can.

Not bad for my second card, I thought. I obviously still have a lot to learn, but I think that's best done while doing. Practice makes perfect and all that. And since every card needs someone on the other side of the envelope to cheer or encourage, I decided to send this one to my lovely grandmother. A classy box of chocolates for a classy lady.


  1. I love it! Keep posting things like this, and I may become brave enough to invest in a stamp set myself!

  2. You should do it, Belinda! There are so many projects you can use them for! For me, it's less of a shortage of ideas as it is a shortage of supplies. But I'm picking up things here and there as I can. I may even reopen my Etsy store at some point when I get a little better at it. That way I can support my new habit, er, hobby the way I did when I was making jewelry.


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