Monday, June 10, 2013

2013 Teacher Card Sets

Hello there!
How are you all this fine Monday morning?
My boys and I are enjoying our first official day of summer vacation! 
It's raining -- but that hasn't hampered our moods too much.

Friday was their last day of school,
and as usual, I was working late into the night
on Wednesday and Thursday to complete the teacher gifts. 
I always wait until the last minute! Procrastinator. ;)
Anyway, each of my boys has two teachers in their Montessori class,
and I always do card sets of six as their gifts, which totals up to 
Whew! That's a lot to crank out in two days -- 
but I can't complain because it's my fault for not starting earlier.

So when you're making 36 HANDMADE CARDS
in two days, you have to keep the design simple.
Or at least, I do.
I loved the chalkboard image from Lawn Fawn's A Good Apple,
but I knew they were going to take too much time
to really achieve a realistic chalkboard look.
So I had the brilliant idea to use it as a whiteboard!
Some colored ink, a quick line drawn on the chalk stick, 
some selective coloring and I had a dry-erase marker.

Here's some samples:

I also used Lawn Fawn's Lucky Stars on the middle card.
I used up the entire 6x6 pad minus two sheets from
the Simple Stories Vintage Bliss collection.

I think they turned out cute, and the teachers always tell me
how much they look forward to receiving them.

I hope you enjoyed them too!
Have a great day!


  1. awesome card set!!!! LOVE the whiteboard!!! so fun!!!! and so smart!!!
    i can't believe you made so many cards in so short of a time!! wow!! you're incredible!!


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