Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Fawn Holiday Week + Holiday Card Series #7

Hello friends! Welcome to Fawny Holiday Week! There is going to be so much inspiration over on the Lawn Fawn Blog today, and all week long, so be sure to hop over there and check it out!

For my card, I wanted to do a modern twist on Santa. So instead of riding in his sleigh, he's snowboarding in to toss his gifts down the chimneys of the village below! Haha! I used Ho-Ho-HolidaysYeti or Not, Ready, Set, Snow and Tiny Christmas.

I thought it would be fun to have the little dog be the only witness to Santa's shenanigans, because of course, everyone else is fast asleep in their beds, as they should be on Christmas Eve! 

To watch how this card came together, click below or watch in HD on YouTube. And don't forget to like and subscribe! It means so much. Have an amazing day!

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