Friday, January 28, 2011

My First Video - Altered Mini Composition Notebook

Oh my gosh!
I can't believe I finally did it!
I made my very first video!

This is something I've dreamed of doing
since I came across my first
 Kristina Werner video a year ago
and was inspired to begin this whole
papercrafting journey.

But I was clueless as to how to go
about it, and I'll admit it, a bit
terrified, too. Afraid of coming across
as a total idiot, I guess. ;o)

But then the other day when I posted
my latest altered mini composition notebook
and some of you requested a how-to,
I figured it was time to take the plunge.

When I began on Monday,
I didn't even know if my camera had
video capabilities. I had no idea
that there was video software
(Windows Movie Maker)
already installed on my computer.
Told you I was clueless!
But with a little help from Google
and YouTube, I figured it out.
It took me the ENTIRE day Monday
to film, and the ENTIRE day today
to do the voice-over and upload,
but here it is at last.


By the way, I am also entering this in the Wee Memories Challenge 40 Sponsored by iCopic. The theme of this challenge is "Free Your Creativity."  I'd say I've done that this week, wouldn't you? :o)


  1. Such a fantastic alteration. And yay for your first video! I'm inspired.

  2. Whoo hoo!! **can you hear the round of applause** AWESOME job on your first video! You rocked it! Hope it is the first of many! I also want to thank you for convincing me to finally break down and get that pink adhesive gun! ;) (oh, and a sanding sponge, too...what a cool tool!) Great job, you have completely inspired me to give it a go!

  3. AWESOME! Thanks, for a great tutorial, Christy. I am so making some of these!

  4. What a beautiful and sweet, all at once, little notebook! Great job on your first video, too! Thanks so much for playing along with us in the Wee Memories Scrappy Saturday Challenge!

  5. Love your sweet little notebook! And woohoo on your first video!

    SO glad you played along at Wee Memories this week! :D

  6. Very cute, love that patterned paper!

  7. Love your book & very nice job on your first video! TFS!!!

  8. This is a gorgeous altered project!! And your video was awesome for a first go! Loved it :)

  9. Christy, this is fabulous. I love your altered notebook! It is absolutely ADORABLE!! Where did you pick up the mini notebooks by the way? I would love to make a few for my son's teachers.... You did a terrific job on your first video! I have never done one. Curious to see how you set up your camera to film you. Did you use a laptop or stand alone camera? Your patterned papers and bird and sentiment - the whole thing is just adorable. I LOVE IT! Would love to CASE you... Thanks so much for the inspiration girl! You rocked this!

  10. Very cute little comp book! You used some of my favorite papers.

  11. Woohoo, three cheers!! Way to go on making a video! Your altered book is superbly cute - wonderfully done and a great cause! TFS!!

  12. Laurel, I actually took a tip from Kristina Werner and used packing tape to attach my camera to a bendy-neck lamp. It was a little tricky to do, since I couldn't cover the lens and I needed to be able to access the buttons, but I worked around that by making kind of a sling with two strips of tape so the camera hung in the middle.

    I kept the lamp turned off, obviously, since it would overheat the camera, but my desk is right in front of a window, so I didn't need it on.

    The only bad thing was everytime I made any quick movements, like using my trimmer, the camera would shake like crazy. I was able to edit most of that out of the video, but you can still see it when I'm smoothing out the papers. Oh well.

    Originally, I tried to talk through it, but about halfway through, I forgot, so I ended up deleting it and doing a voice over.

    And I'm flattered that you would want to CASE me! Feel free, anytime you want! :o)

    If anyone else has any questions, let me know! I'll be happy to answer.

  13. Oh, and the composition notebooks are from Walmart. They're something like 69 cents a piece. My kids love them, because they fit in their pockets.

  14. Oh so cute! I have covered notepads before for party favors, I am definitely going to try a composition book now. I love books that you can tie closed with a ribbon! Great job! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Standing ovation, you did a great job! I always do voice overs on my videos using movie maker, it is so much easier. Such a cute project, so glad you did a video, awesome.

  16. How COOL to hear your voice! :)
    What a great video and a fantastic project!

  17. Wow Christie! That's amazing...I popped over from Ashley's blog and watched your video. I love the little altered comp book...and you did a great job with the video.

    I'll have to stop by more often and see what you're making...because I love looking a paper's not my thing, but I love it nonetheless!

    Hi to Andreas too!

  18. Great video for your lovely notebook!

  19. Sweet project....and great job on your first video, kudos to you!

  20. Awesome video tutorial, Christiana! And the notebook is adorable, too! :o) Great work!


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