Monday, May 23, 2011

Bundle Of Joy Video

Hello, friends!
How's your Monday been so far?
Mine's been good.
My hubby had the morning off because of the rain,
so he and I went to our local garden center 
and picked up some flowers for our front yard.
Can't wait to get those put in! 
My yard is beginning to look so pretty. :o)

Over the weekend I got a chance to get crafty.
I made a "welcome baby" card for my brother
and his girlfriend, who are expecting their first child,
a baby boy, they just found out, in August.

And while I was making it, 
I went ahead and filmed another video.
I hope you like it!
Let me know if you'd like to see more of them
in the future, perhaps even weekly.

(Btw, I don't know why Blogger has blurred
the photo. Click on it to see it clearly.)

Two little notes:
Sorry about the choppiness of the video!
I had to get it from 48+ minutes to under 10,
so I had to do a LOT of editing.
Hopefully I'll get better at that quickly.

Also, I made a couple of additions 
after the film was already uploaded.
The card just didn't seem finished to me.
The above photo is the final result
after I added the pennants and additional buttons.
But I hope you'll enjoy the video anyway.
You can watch here or on YouTube.

Thank you so much for watching!
If you get a chance, please rate my video 
over at YouTube and subscribe to my channel
if you have an account over there.
And of course, any comments or feedback
either here or there are so appreciated.

Have a great day!


  1. this is so cute and sweet, Christiana! love the mix of patterns and the design is fab! super card!

  2. Great card! I have this paper pad too but haven't figure out how to use all those patterns together, you did such a good job using them together! And I really like the BABY banner along the bottom of the polaroid frame. Awesome! :) Thanks for sharing the video. I am always impressed by you girls who do videos.

  3. This is so adorable! I love all the paper piecing!

  4. Fabulous video! I love the way the card came out. The pattern papers were a great choice. I also like how you shared your thought process of deciding which ribbon to go with too. Haha.... when you were holding them both up, I was saying to myself: "I like the yellow one, I hope she chooses yellow". LOL... So it was fun to see and "hear" your thoughts out-loud as you were creating your card. :)


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