Saturday, March 1, 2014

Daffies For You

Happy Saturday morning, y'all!
Today, despite the snow and cold, I'm sharing a bright and springy card,
Card #3 in my 2014 Spring Card Series, as a matter of fact.

I used sweet Soufflé the Duck from the Popcorn the Bear
I colored him in with my Spectrum Noirs in shades:
LY1, LY2, LY3, OR1, OR2, DG2, DG3, DG4, 
CT3, CT4, CG3, CG4, IB1, and CR7 on 

I colored him in real-time, so you'll have to let me know
whether you prefer this version or when it's fast-forwarded.

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  1. Such an adorable card!! I love that little duck image!! And the way you created those little pops of color is just so cute!! What an awesome tip!

  2. I enjoyed your video. I love how you showed to make those pops of color, turning the grass into flowers. I like how you showed the coloring in real time, for this small image.


Thank you so much for taking a few moments to brighten my day!


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