Sunday, June 1, 2014

Be Awesome Every Day

Hey there!
So due to design team requirements and such,
the scheduling dates for my blog and my YouTube channel don't always
mesh well, and I often end up with videos that don't get posted to my blog
until after they've been up on my YouTube channel for a bit --
that is, if I remember to blog them at all! ;)

Here is one such card that I made last month using 
 the Mama Elephant Spendid stamp set and Distress Inks.

Enjoy the video!

Click the YouTube icon at the bottom right to watch in HD
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Be awesome!


  1. Absolutely beautiful card!!! I LOVE the watercolor background!! And the whimsical birds and falling magical!! I love this so much!

  2. So amazing...So so amazing!!!

  3. Great watercolor effect! Thank you so much for the fantastic video!


Thank you so much for taking a few moments to brighten my day!


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