Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My First Deco Mesh Wreath

Hey there! 
I just wanted to pop in and share a fun story with you all.
I think you all know by now that I work as a
floral designer in a local craft store.

I've made hundreds of wreaths in the last two years, 
but Sunday night I decided to try making my first deco mesh wreath.

Before I was even halfway done, I got called away from my station
and while I was gone a lady passed by and saw it. 
She spotted my co-worker Melina and asked her who was making it.
Then she tracked me down at the other end of the store!

She said, "Don't you DARE sell that wreath!
It's so beautiful! I NEED it! It's exactly what I've been looking for!"
Talk about a confidence boost! :o)

But keep in mind that at that point, I only had the green deco mesh,
the pumpkin print ribbon, and the inner layer of gold ribbon on it.
So I was still pretty nervous, hoping she would still be so 
enthusiastic about it when it was all done.

I finished too near to closing time for her to pick it up that night,
so I worried about it all day Monday on my day off.
This morning, I made a beeline for the back of the store
where we keep the special orders that are waiting to be picked up,
and was so pleased and relieved to discover it was gone!

She had picked it up the night before!
Yay, me! :o)

Can't wait to make another!


  1. It's gorgeous!
    I love the colors.

  2. Wow, it's lovely and my absolute favorite color, orange! I've never worked with ribbon in that way...you did an amazing job. =)

  3. AMAZING wreath!!! and a great story...You are one talented lady for sure!!!


Thank you so much for taking a few moments to brighten my day!


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