Saturday, June 1, 2013

Quick Tip: EZ Magnetic Die Storage Solution

Hey everyone!
Today I wanted to share a great organizational tool with you all.
I recently converted all my dies over to the EZMagnetic Storage System
by Crafter's Companion and I am loving it!

It's sturdy, holds TONS of dies, and keeps them all together
and completely enclosed so even the itty bitty ones can't fall out.
You can fit a ton of sheets in one case -- I got 9 in mine,
and could probably squeeze in another to make an even 10.

I even figured out a way to tag them all so I know
which manufacturer made each die, which set it's a part of,
and how many pieces are in that set, should they ever get separated.

I bought a second one recently, and I'll be able to get all 
my wafer-thin dies in them, with a few pages to spare.
And I love how slim and neat they look standing up on my work surface!
They take up hardly any room at all.

So glad I discovered this system for storing my dies.
Watch and see if it might be the solution for yours too!


  1. Love your solution. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I've been in love with this storage system forever! I think I will finally order some of it, lol! :) Thanks for sharing, Christy!


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