Friday, September 13, 2013

Your Hug's Arrived

Good morning, all!
I know that fall is fast approaching,
but I gotta tell ya, it's still spring in my heart!
I am just not ready for the colder weather --
not yet!

I wish fall lasted much longer than it does
up here in Northwestern PA.
It seems like just when the trees are all lit up fiery red,
you blink your eyes and snow's on the ground
and it lasts until nearly May.

Like I said, not ready for that yet!

Today's card is featuring the darling Crafter's Companion 
and a sentiment from Party Paws "Hugs From Bamboo".
I colored it with my Spectrum Noir markers
BT2, OR1, CR8, CR11, DR7, DG3, CG1, and CG2

I hope you like it!

So tell me, are you ready for fall?


  1. Aww, very cute. I really like that image. I used the one you sent me on a card for a girl whose mama passed away this summer.

  2. I am absolutely ready for fall! =) It's my favorite season of year, but as you stated, it doesn't last nearly long enough, before winter. =( Too bad, because I think the sights, smells, and tastes of autumn are awesome.

    Beautiful card...the little duck is so cute.

  3. Fall is gorgeous here in Eastern PA too, and like you - I wish it would last as long as summer! The sentiment on this card is just the cutest thing ever, and I love the little ducky! Super cute!

  4. That card looks so cute. It would brighten anyone's day!

  5. Such a cute little guy! I agree here in Ohio fall is here and gone so quick. I comfort myself with the fact that we do have 4 distinct seasons and every single one of them is beautiful for something different :)


Thank you so much for taking a few moments to brighten my day!


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