Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sledging By

Hello everyone.
Christmas may be over, but winter is definitely not!
Especially up here in Northwestern PA.
There's still plenty of time to break out those snowman
and wintery themed stamp sets and put them to use.

Today I'm using Mulberry Wood "Sledging By"
from Crafter's Companion and I've colored it in with my
in shades BT1, BT2, BT3, GG3, GG4, GG5, TN1, TN2, TN3, 
PP1, PP2, DR5, DR7, DG2, DG3, LY1, BGR1, and BGR2.

I hope you enjoy the video!
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  1. That is the sweetest scene! Amazing coloring...thanks for sharing the video!

  2. This is very much a work in progress whenever
    I find out about one who is more beautiful than any of these I will add her and kick out number ten Thanks for sharing the informative post.

  3. I love the package for your give away. The cards are beautiful.


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