Friday, November 3, 2023

Craft Room Tour!

Hey friends, today I'm sharing an updated Craft Room Tour with you all! I first shared my craft room when we moved into our home eight years ago, so I thought I would do an update sharing what is still working after all that time and what I've changed to better suit my needs. All of the furniture in this room is from Ikea, starting with my desk, which is an L shape, and the first thing you see when you walk into the room. The longer section under the window is where I do all of my crafting.

My favorite tool in my craft room is definitely my Copic marker collection, so that is right in front of me at all times, organized in rainbow order. I also keep a calendar on top with my filming schedule to make sure I never miss a due date on a project or a video upload. I also have a bunch of plants -- succulents and cacti -- on my windowsill, which is scattered with little nature trinkets that I pick up on my travels to keep me inspired.

The curve of the L is where I keep my desktop computer where I edit all my photos and videos and also do some writing. I'm currently working on a short story collection just for fun. I also have my inks stored at this end and some extra markers that I don't use as often. I keep a planner off to the left with all my important dates written in, from projects to birthdays to doctor's appointments. I also have a bullet journal and a small sketchbook for when I get the urge to draw.

Across the room I have two shelving units. The one in the corner stores everything from my handmade cards, to cardstock in rainbow order, to my unpublished novels printed out in binders. I also have more houseplants and decorations up top. To the left of that, taking up most of the wall is my stamp and die collection, along with my die cutting machine. But it really is hard to get an overview of my craft room from just the pictures, so I hope you will enjoy the video! I go into things in a lot more detail, including opening drawers and my closet. Ack! I really hope you all enjoy it! Thanks so much for watching!

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