Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blog Candy Giveaway!

I told you I'd have something special for you all today, and here it is. I'm doing my first ever Blog Candy Giveaway! Yay! Are you excited? I know I am! I'm a big believer in paying it forward, and ever since I won the Blog Candy from Kathy over at the Daily Marker, I've been wanting to do something in return. Since my craft budget is already pretty slim, mine is more of a mini giveaway, but hey, free stuff is free stuff, am I right?

Here's what you get.

This givaway includes:
3 notecards and matching envelopes from Craft Essentials
1 mini paper pad from Colorbök
1 mini stamp set, 1 acrylic block, and 1 stamp pad from studio g
1 spool of gingham ribbon from American Crafts
10 paper shamrocks from Prima Flowers
12 mini buttons from foof-a-La

There are three ways you can enter this Blog Candy Giveaway.
1. Leave a comment to this post, letting me know what kind of crafts you do or what you'd like to see more of here. Also do let me know that you'd like to be entered, just in case there's anybody out there that doesn't like free stuff. ;o)
2. Sign up to become a follower of this blog. What's a blog for, if not to interact with like-minded people? Following is just our way of supporting each other out here on the web. If you are already a follower, that counts! Let me know in the comments section that you'd like to enter.
3. Spread the word. If you've got a blog, copy the top picture (or all of them, I don't care) and post it, letting people know about the giveaway. The more the merrier! If you don't have a blog, just pass the info and my link along to a couple of friends who might be interested, then let me know in the comments that you've done so. Please be honest. I'll take you at your word.

So that gives each and every person up to three chances to be entered to win this great package. After the deadline, I will copy all the names down on slips of paper (one for each time you entered), fold them up and put them in a jar, let the kids stir and shake them up, and then draw the winner's name. We'll keep this fair and square, not to mention lighthearted and fun.

So the deadline is going to be at 12:00 midnight, (American eastern time zone) on February 28th, 2010. I know that's not a lot of time, but since this Blog Candy Giveaway has a St. Patrick's Day theme, I want to be sure it arrives in plenty of time before the holiday. The winner will be announced here on Monday, March 1st. And yes, I will ship internationally. I know first hand what it's like to live abroad and have difficulty finding cute craft supplies, so if that's you, please enter! Good luck to all of you!


  1. i love doing a little bit of everything, but particularly origami and cards!


  2. Origami! How interesting. How'd you get into that?

  3. Wow, what a generous gift! Whoever wins it will be very lucky. Haha at the comment that perhaps there's somebody out there who doesn't like free stuff. Sign me up!

    I'm interested in everything you do here, but especially the card making and stamping posts. I like the variety I know I can expect to find each day. Keep up the great work!

  4. What a lovely "candy" giveaway! I became a follower of your wonderful blog! Thank you for visiting my blog and all your kind words, really made my heart smile, hugs to you!

  5. Christy, I will post about your giveaway in my blog tomorrow. I'm already a follower here. :)

  6. Oh how cute! I loveeee those little shamrocks!!! I just became a follower of your for what I like to do craft wise....well, a little bit of I mostly scrap and am just getting into card making, since its kinda like a little mini scrap I will post your candy on my blog ( as soon as I get back on my own

  7. I love free stuff! Count me in! Those primas are cute!

  8. I would love these love that shade of green!

  9. Hi, I just found your blog and looked through it. Do you sell those earrings? They are totally cute and I know people would love to have them. I don't have a blog myself but check out others everyday for inspiration. I am going to add yours to my list. Love hearing stories of your boys too.

  10. Hey, Lorri! Thanks for the compliment on the earrings! I used to have an Etsy shop where I sold jewelry, but I got burned out and took a break from it for a while. I'm thinking of reopening it in the near future though.

    For the time being, if anyone would like to purchase anything you see here from me, just send me an email at and I'd be happy to arrange something. I do have a business paypal account (and I still pay taxes for my business license, so it's all legit), and I would be open to taking a personal check, but I'd have to wait until it cleared before I could ship.

    The price of the oceanic stack earrings would be $12, plus $2 S&H (I'll have to see if that still covers it, but for now that's good), which would include a little patterned box and delivery confirmation. So $14 total. Let me know if you're interested! I would love to be able to earn a little income to help support this new papercrafting obsession I have!

  11. So, I am a follower!!!!!!!
    Hmmmm craft I like to do, well that depends on the mood!!!!
    I like to make purses, Crafts with food, and just being creative!!!!
    Count me in!!!!

  12. Well, as soon as I post here,I will sign up to follow as I do like your blog. Very sweet. I love to stamp, sew, scrap, knit, crochet and just about anything else! Why are there only 24 hours in a day!!!

  13. Hi there! I just stumbled across your blog and signed up to follow. Love your creations. I enjoy making stamped cards the most. I would like to learn to make earrings and bracelets. And I would love to be in your drawing. :)

  14. I just figured out how to put your photo on my blog too!


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