Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Set Your Heart On Something Beautiful

Hi there!
I wanted to pop in and share another card.
Wow, I'm doing pretty good on the crafting front
this week, aren't I?
Take a look at this one.

This card actually looks so much prettier in person.
For some reason my camera does not photograph
light colors well. But I think you get the jist of it.

The image is from Lili of the Valley.
Isn't it pure sweetness?
I love it.
It reminds me of my aunt Cheryl and I
(she's just two years older than me)
when we were growing up together.
In fact, I'm going to give it to her.

I've actually been working on coloring this image
for a couple of weeks. I've had it sitting on my desk,
and each morning while waiting to get into the bathroom
(which is right outside my office)
I've colored it a little bit more.
Let me tell you, sharing one tiny bathroom
with a grown man and three boys
teaches you a lot of hard lessons in patience.
Not to mention hygiene. Ick.

I paired it with this great text print from the
All About Girls mini stack from DCWV.
It says sweet things like "strike a pose",
"you are beautiful", "share your gifts",
and "have a lovely day."
Plus it has a built-in sentiment --
"set your heart on something beautiful"
above that great minty green scalloped border.

To make the image stand out more,
I mounted it first on a green gingham print
from the same stack, rounded all the corners
and popped it up with dimensionals.
Then I added a scrap of purple
Pure Color ribbon, tied in a bow, and
cut the ends into a V shape, which
seemed to fit the image.

Hope you like it!
Okay, gotta run!
Hell's Kitchen is starting and I've got
to get the kids in bed.

Have a great night!


  1. I'm sorry but I had to laugh at your bathroom dilemma.....I can TOTALLY relate cuz I have boys and one sorta grown man. (I can't say grown up cuz I am convinced they never The boys are a LOT more carefu; than they used to be cuz guess who has to clean the bathroom....hehehehe :)

    I adore this card!! Way too stinkin cute!!!!!

  2. What an adorable card..

    thank you for sharing!

  3. This is lovely! heartwarming image, and I like the feel of all the rounded corners, it makes it a bit out of the ordinary and stand out.

  4. This is so cute! That image is gorgeous and your colouring is amazing! :)

  5. What a sweet card, love how you colored it and the paper you used it perfect. Love that ribbon, it so matches your coloring with that absolutely perfect bow :) Good luck with the bathroom, our first house had one bathroom and when my parents would visit, it was lot's of fun, felt like I was back in college.

  6. What a sweet card! I love the colors.

  7. What a sweet card! I'll have to find that patterned paper - it's cute. I'm not familiar with Lili of the Valley stamps, but this image is so precious.

  8. I'm glad I could help inspire you! No, I don't ask people if I can use their pictures, but I try as hard as I possibly can to acknowledge that their work is amazing. :) If anyone ever had an issue, of course I'd take the pic down, but I try to put up pictures that cause people to want to see the rest of the project, so hopefully I'm helping traffic to their websites. :) Fab card- I love the copic coloring you did! I think I need more copics. hehe.

  9. Thanks for letting me know, Brit! I think it's so sweet, what you're doing.

    And thank you to the rest of you for your wonderful comments! Each one means so much!

  10. This is just adorable! The image is so cute and your coloring is wonderful. I laughed at your comment about hygiene and boys in the husband can drive me bonkers in that department. Why is that?? Haha! But hey, at least you have mastered the multi-tasking while you wait! :)

  11. Lol! I have to do that, Anne Marie, or I'd lose my sanity! ;o)

  12. Sorry for the MIA! Your blog has so much goodness going on... I'm enjoying every post!

    This card is just pure DARLING!!! The colors you chose are so pretty. And that image is just too adorable.

    Oh my, you are my hero. Sharing your bathroom with 3 boys & 1 guy??!!! I can't even stand my ONE guy!!! geeesh.... how hard is it to put down the toilet seat, huh? :o)

  13. This is so pretty, Christiana! Your coloring is perfect for this image. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog during the Caring Hearts blog hop!

  14. What a beautiful image and colored beautifully to boot. Gorgeous card.

  15. You have such a talent for coloring! Isn't it so much fun? I just love the bright, purple bow! It really makes the card pop!

  16. I love this card, Christiana! :o) The image is so sweet, and your colouring is beautiful! Love how you used the built-in sentiment, and I love the shade of green of the scalloped border and the gorgeous purple bow -- what great pops of colour!


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