Monday, January 25, 2010

Prompt Contest #24

This morning after I dropped the boys off at school, I had 2 1/2 hours to kill before I had to go back and pick up my youngest from preschool. I decided to head to my favorite "me time" place, Tim Horton's, to get a little writing in.

I'm working on a short story for Writer's Digest Magazine's Prompt Contest #24.

Prompt: Parents look on in horror as a magician's trick goes horribly awry during a child's birthday party.

Interesting, huh? I thought so. I got a spark pretty much right off the bat when I read it last Thursday, but I had to do a little internet research to ensure that my idea would work. I got about half of it on paper today before I had to make a grocery run, and I still feel jazzed about the rest.

If you're interested in entering, send your 750 words or less story to or via the online submission form at Entries must be pasted directly into the body of the email; attachments will not be opened. Don't forget to add your name and mailing address. One entry per person. Deadline is February 10th, 2010, so you've still got a little time to get it in there. The winner will be published in a future issue of Writer's Digest.

Who knows? For a couple hours of work, you just might see your name in print!

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  1. I can imagine this prompt going in all different directions. I can't wait to read your entry!


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