Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Hint of Mint

Good evening, all! How was your day today? I'm happy to report that we are all on the mend. Not quite 100%, but we're getting there. Tomorrow I'll be heading to my nearest Walmart and spending some time in the vitamin aisle. I am just sick way too often. If anybody has any recommendations, please jump in. I tried taking Centrum for a while (like two years ago), but they always gave me an upset stomach. I don't know what other brand I could try that might be different, but at this point I'm willing to give pretty much anything a go.

Well, today I've got a bracelet to share with you. I'm calling it a Hint of Mint, due to the delicious hue of green in the beads. Kinda lame, I know, but I couldn't come up with anything better.

The beads are a cut and polished moss quartz and a lovely, vibrant green aventurine. I used Bali sterling silver spacers and a sterling silver toggle clasp to accent that cool, crisp feel. Like an ice cold glass of mint julep. At least, how I imagine a mint julep would be. I have, in fact, never tasted the drink. I'm pretty sure that it's a Southern thing. And while I like to imagine that I am Southern, or what it must be like to be Southern, I am actually not Southern. At all. Though I have been to Florida twice.

See those great inclusions? Like seaweed forever frozen... Okay, enough with the metaphors. I'm even getting sick of myself, so I can imagine how you poor ladies must feel!

Anyway, I thought it would be a great bracelet for St. Patrick's Day, for the girl that maybe isn't quite as fond of bright, grass stain green (not me, I have three boys, so grass stain green is quite popular in our house) and prefers a more subdued, subtle, springy shade. Sss, Sss, Sss.

Yeah, I'm thinkin' it's time for me to call it a night. I'm getting a little too silly. Must be the meds. (Let's hope!)

I don't know about you, but I haven't been this glad to see the hind end of a hump-day (Wednesday being the middle day of the week -- took me FOREVER to catch on to that one) in a long time. Wishing you all a fab ending to your week! Meet you back here tomorrow!


  1. I like the conversations you weave into your posts here. The colors on this bracelet are really pretty, especially with the silver.

    Glad you're feeling better. I can't say enough good things about antioxidants and omega-3. One thing I know I need more of is vitamin d.

  2. Thank you so much! I picked up the Walmart brand of One-A-Day for Women. I've only taken it two days so far, but so far so good.


Thank you so much for taking a few moments to brighten my day!


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